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From time to time, we are lucky enough to blag ourselves some top interviews with actual celebrities, kind of. Nia usually has her iPhone handy, so we are able to record them, wherever they are. In most cases, they are out shopping and it doesn't take much to persuade them to talk about their favourite person, themselves.

So far we have talked to pretend Paul Hollywood, who we've bumped into in both Greggs the baker and Iceland the frozen food supermarket giant. And we've also managed to get a few words with cartoon Yoda and Han Solo, off of Star Wars, but they were clearly in a bit of a rush, although Yoda did have some interesting advice when it comes to revision. Darth Vader was a bit unpleasant though and nearly reduced us to tears, but then he is the evil Emperor and Supreme Commander of the Galactic Empire though, isn't he?!

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Fantasy Celebrity Big Brother - Week 2 - We head back to the Big Brother House for some more fantasy celebrity nonsense, including interviews with Justin Bieber (again!), Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, who tells us who his 'Don't' song was really about.

Fantasy Celebrity Big Brother - Week 1 - We got to interview some amazing celebrities in the Big Brother house, including Ed Sheeran, Simon Cowell, Adele and Justin Bieber, and they all had some very interesting things to share.

Star Wars Interview with Yoda - A very interesting little alien man who was shopping for Pringles when we saw him.

Star Wars Interview with Han Solo - We noticed Han Solo by the fruit and veg in Tesco and he was less than delighted to talk to us.

Star Wars Interview with Darth Vader - After a little bit of persuasion, we managed to grab a few words with Darth Vader in the supermarket, although he was a bit scary.

Star Wars Interview with C3PO - When we saw C3PO by the frozen food section in the supermarket, with his droid friend R2D2, we grabbed a few words with him.

Star Wars Interview with Jar Jar Binks - The floppy eared Gungan military officer was certainly a little bit 'stink-a-whiff- when we met up with him by the dairy produce.

Talking to Paul Hollywood in Greggs - Paul is always a favourite of ours to interview, and this time he talks about James Bond.

Talking to Paul Hollywood in Iceland - Harry Potter was the subject for this chat, but what are Paul's views on the boy wizard?

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