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Script Extract from Star Wars Podcast Dated 9th January 2016
Episode 12: Celebrity Big Brother - Celebrities or Nobodies?!

Interview with Jar Jar Binks from Star WarsSo if you remember, we bumped into some of the Star Wars cast in Lidls the other week. We managed to interview some huge stars from this epic sci-fi saga, including Yoda, Darth Vader, Han Solo and C3PO.

You can check them out on the interviews page of, or listen to the podcasts.

The final star that we managed to chat to was annoying Jar Jar Binks. He had floppy ears and Liv kept stroking them didn't you Liv.

Yeah, he was a bit like the Easter Bunny on steroids.

Jar Jar was by the dairy produce and we didn't actually see him straight away, but we certainly smelt him.

The Jar Jar Binks Interview and Script

Play the clip Nia, and apologies for the background noise of the beeping checkouts and shoppers.

Cartoon Jar Jar Binks, Starring in Our Star Wars Animation

What's that awful smell, Liv is that you?

[Woops. Ex-queeze me]

What a stink, was that you then Jar Jar Binks?

[Well that smells stink-a-whiff]

Yes, it certainly does smell stink-a-whiff Jar Jar.

[It is embarrassing.]

Don't be embarrassed. And can we interview you for the NiliPOD Jar Jar?

[No, not really no]

Oh, suit yourself floppy ears!

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