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Script Extract from Star Wars Podcast Dated 5th December 2015
Episode 9: Star Wars Fan Girls, Our Force Awakens

Interview with Yoda from Star WarsWhen we were in Lidls buying the mince pies, we couldn't believe who we bumped into. Some of the actual Star Wars cast. Apparently they would also heard about the fantastic mince pies in Lidls and so they were stocking up, ready for Christmas.

So Nia whipped out her iPhone and we managed to interview a few of them. We did our best, but they weren't all very co-operative.

That is probably because it was Lidls and not the Co-Op.

Yes, very funny. So here is the script and video of us talking to lovely cartoon Yoda. Excuse the background noise of the beeping checkouts and stuff.

The Yoda Interview and Script

And then we bumped into Yoda, literally.

Well he was so short that we didn't seem him there looking at the cheese and onion Pringles.

Play the Yoda clip Nia:

Cartoon Yoda, Starring in Our Star Wars Animation

Oh look, there is that cute gremlin man with the big ears.

Do you mean Yoda. Quick Nia, are you recording this on your iPhone?

Excuse me Mr Yoda

[Away put your weapon, I mean you know harm]

No, don't worry, it is not a weapon, it is just Nia's iPhone.

[Laugh. I am wondering, why are you here?]

We're doing a food shop Yoda. We can't find the Lidls mince pies though, do you know where they are please shorty?

[Help you I can, yes, mmmm.]

Thanks. They look so tasty.

[Eat Eat]

Yes, eat eat. I can't wait.

[Patience. Do or do not, there is no try]

They've sold out of candy canes though.

[Most unfortunate this is. Laugh]

We've got to go now Yoda, we've got homework to do.

I've got revision to learn as well Mr Green Man.

[You must unlearn what you have learned]
OK, top tip there Yoda. Thanks.

Christmas Merry Have You Yoda.

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