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Script Extract from Star Wars Podcast Dated 12th December 2015
Episode 10: YouTuber Special with Dan and Phil, Joe and Caspar, and Zoella News

Last week, we told you how excited we were to bump into some Star Wars characters in Lilds.

We played out our interviews with cuddly green man Yoda and moody Han Solo. Well, this week it is Darth Vader. We saw him next the bakery, heading towards the meat counter. He was just about to buy some sausages from the butcher, or was it pork chops? Perhaps he was going to have a mixed grill for tea. Anyway.

He was quite cross right from the word go and we were glad when it was all over. The things we do for the NiliPOD.

The Darth Vader Interview and Script

Play the interview Nia. Sorry, about the background noise of the supermarket and the beeping checkouts.

Cartoon Darth Vader, Starring in Our Star Wars Animation

Oh look Liv, there is Darth Vader. I think he's got a cold.

[Breathing noise]

Hello Darth.

[I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you]

I'm sorry, I think you've got us muddled up with someone else

[Don't fail me again]

Sorry Darth. How's the dark side these days?

[If you only knew the power of the dark side]

That is why we were asking. Are you looking forward to Christmas?


And will you be buying your children, (Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia), a present this year?



[That is correct]

OK, thanks Darth Scrooge. I think we'll wrap this interview up now.

Yes, we'll Christmas wrap it up.

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