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Chart countdown, DJs at nightclubWe love to try our hand at being radio DJs when we do our podcasts, and what better way to do this than having a go at a chart countdown or two?!

When we do our chart countdowns, we usually take it in turns reading out the number and item, and then the description afterwards. The slightly dramatic, pop background music certainly helps to give it a Fluff Freeman inspired feel. Although we're not quite up to his 'Pick of the Pops' standard, it is just really good fun.

This feature started when we did our first countdown with Bake Off Bond Movies, which seemed to go down really well. There will definitely be more of these in future podcasts, aimed at teenagers and younger children on the whole.

However, we don't discriminate against age (!) and whoever you are and whatever age you are, we hope that you enjoy them just like we do. Everyone should be young at heart and a little bit silly at times, that's for sure.

Chart Countdown Archives

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