NiliPod - Chart Countdowns (31 October 2015)

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This was a feature for our Spook-tacular Halloween special, where we did a countdown of our top ten children's Halloween films, you know, movies that aren't too scary and are perfect to watch as a family.

These are all of our favourites, counting down from number ten to pole position, number one.

Top Ten Halloween Films for Children

And straight in at number 10, it is:
The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
Charlie finds a pumpkin and it is really great.

And it is still a non-mover at 9:
Hocus Pocus
Where witches fly on vacuum cleaners'

Up four places to number 8, yes, it is:
Halloween Town
A Disney classic for all the family, with broomsticks and a girl witch who is our age.

Last week's number 8, a climber and number 7 it is:
Halloween Town 2
Bit like the first one, but not as good.

Down FOUR and this week's number 6:
Halloween Town 3
Bit like the first one, but not as good.

Still hanging in there at 5, it is a:
Return to Halloween Town
They are definitely milking it a bit now I think...

Up three to this week's number 4:
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Bad dreams with Tim Burton.

Still at number 3:
Caspar the Friendly Ghost
This one is sickly sweet rubbish. How did that get in here?!

Down one place at number 2, it is last week's number 1:
Monster House
About a house that is a monster. I didn't like that one much. It was a bit too scary when I was younger.

And this week's brand new number 1:
Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie
When Winnie the Pooh get possessed by the devil, or something like that. It is really lovely and perfect for the little-uns.

What about Ghostbusters then, or Gremlins?

What about them?

Fair enough. Moving on.

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