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Pictues of head in witchs cauldron - scary storiesEvery year when it is October, Halloween comes along and takes over our lives in a small way. We head off to the pound shops in search of the very best and spookiest cheap decorations, which range from pumpkin fairy lights and orange paper lanterns, to Frankenstein monster bunting flags and tinsel ghosts to hang from the wall.

In our Spooky Time section, we tell some funny children's Halloween jokes, which are a little on the corny side, but kind of funny at the same time, if you have that sense of humour.

Whether it is Halloween or not, we like to tell 'true' scary stories every now and again, and these are made all the more spooky by our 'realistic' sound effects, which include a hooting owl, howling wolves, moaning ghosts, creaking doors, cackling witches and night-time winds.

We hope that you enjoy telling these slightly frightening tales to your friends, but make sure that you get the punchlines right, just like we do, some of the time anyway!

Scary Story Archives

Hunting Terror in the Woods / Rap Rap Rap - Two more spooky tales suitable for all of the family, including some dopey hunters and an old lady living in what she believes to be a haunted cottage.

Spooky Scary Skeleton / Graveyard Terror - These scary stories both include walking through graveyards late at night, although the tales are very, very different. We don't ever recommend you doing this yourselves, of course.

Haunted Car Park and Hitch Hiking Woes - There is definitely a vehicle theme to these two 'anecdotes', where a woman's parked car vanishes and some Aussie hitchhikers get into a car without a driver at the wheel. Don't hitchhike, it is never a good idea, especially on Halloween.

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