NiliPod - Scary Stories (17 October 2015)

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Halloween Jokes

When ghosts go to the theatre, what is their favourite Shakespeare play?
Romeo and Ghouliet

What is the most popular game in Halloween Town?
Hide and Shriek

Hitchhiking at Night

It is said that this story happened in recent years, being set in Australia, so it is best read with an exaggerated Aussie accent.

A student named Billy was walking home late one night and the weather was fowl. It was raining so heavily that he could hardly see in front of him, so he carried on walking along the side of the road with his head down. Then he noticed a car that was slowly driving towards him and he flagged it down for a lift. The car seemed to stop and so he jumped inside, only to find that the car was completely empty, without a driver at the wheel.

The car began to drive off and then Billy started panicking, completely freaked out at the driver-less car. He was soon shaking with fear and then he noticed a sharp bend up ahead, worrying that the car was going to drive off the road and into the ditch. With that, a mysterious hand reached in through the window and turned the steering wheel.

Billy screamed, opened the car door and ran away as fast as he could. He noticed a nearby pub and so quickly ran inside, telling everyone of his ghostly experience in the 'haunted car of doooooom'.

Roughly ten minutes later, two men came into the pub, dripping wet and rather out of breath. One noticed Billy sitting at the bar and said:

'Look, there's the idiot who got in our car while we were pushing it after it broke down'. Duh.

Haunted Car Park

On the morning of 1st of November a motorist called Sutton Council in Surrey England to ask if a car park was haunted. She had gone out on Halloween and left her car in the car park, and then gone to a pub, got drunk and staggered home

When she went to collect her car (very responsible not to drink and drive), she thought her vehicle was in a different place from where she left it the previous evening and had been moved by ghosts. The man on the phone suggested that a more obvious explanation was that she'd she just forgot where she parked it! Duh.

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