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Image of computer blogWelcome to my blog archives. This is where you will find all of the blogging archives, with links to each of the monthly pages, month by month. I hope that you enjoy reading them.

My blogs are archived month by month, so please check out some of my older posts if you have time, and don't forget to let me know if you have any comments to add yourself.

Blog Archives - Crazy Ramblings of a Teenage Girl

Blogs for April 2016 - These include Cruz Beckham singing the cup song, a chat about gender stereotyping young children - playing with dolls or dinosaurs, and some exciting Instagram news.

Blogs for March 2016 - These include the Dan and Phil Competition winners, a London School Trip, Justin Bieber's embarrassing spelling mistake, Easter Chicks and Easter Eggs (including the Cumberbunny) and YouTube friends.

Blogs for February 2016 - These include shout outs for YouTube friends, photos of Dan Howell's crazy elephant adventure in Africa, information about the new chapter of the NiliPOD, and Valentine's Day romance.

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