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Should I Set Up a Website?
Yes, you really should do this. It will give your avid fans and listeners a chance to find out more about you and your podcasts.

And having your own website will mean that you can set yourself up with a matching email address, making you appear all the more professional to your listeners, especially if they want to contact you.

Where To Host Your Website
Literally thousands and thousands of possibilities are available should you want to make your very own website, with free webspace often being provided by your Internet provider.

We use to host our website and the NiliPOD podcast, which more than meets our needs and is extremely reliable. However, other popular web hosting choices include:

What Pages Should I Write
If you only had to include a few pages on your website, then these should include 'about us', a list of your podcasts and a page for your blog entries.

A show notes page is also worth considering, with links to everything that you've talked about, such as YouTube videos, TV shows and news articles, as well as anything else that people may like to check out. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a listener and imagine what they might be looking for if they've enjoyed your last show. And when you write, make sure that you add a few relevant keywords in your text to appease the search engine God that is Google, without overdoing it of course.

HTML Software
If your basic HTML skills are a little rusty and you need some help, then you will be able to make use of plenty of apps and online packages. Many webmasters use to make their websites with, and it has quickly gained quite a following.

How can I advertise my podcast?
What about iTunes and RSS feeds?

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