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How Can I Advertise My Podcast?
Girls advertising podcastAnother most excellent question. Firstly, tell all of your friends and family to listen, and hopefully if your podcast if good, then they will tell their friends and colleagues, and so on.

Websites and Social Media
Make yourself a website and keep it updated with your goings on, and put some energy into writing an interesting and thought-provoking blog.

These days, social media will likely play an integral part in any online advertising campaign. You should also set up FaceBook, Google+ and Twitter pages.

YouTube Campaigns
Finally, record yourself some YouTube videos, referencing your website and podcast both in the videos and the description beneath. If you're not sure what to video, then maybe film part of your podcast and upload that, referencing this in your show.

By using the annotation function on YouTube, you will be able to include some external links on your videos, ideally at the beginning and again at the end.

Try to get a real buzz about your recordings and keep them topical. Publicity comes in all shapes and sizes, and even the most unexpected things can go viral. The more podcasts and YouTube videos that you have recorded, the greater the chances are of people listening to them or watching them.

Where will I host my files?
Should I set up a website?

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