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What About iTunes and RSS Feeds?
Once you've made yourself a few podcasts and you are happy with the content, then of course you should try to get them listed on iTunes, that really is a no-brainer.

Bear in mind that your podcast can be easily rejected for so many reasons, such as potential copyright infringements (don't play copyrighted music, etc.) and the use of bad language.

Once your podcast has been accepted into the iTunes library, it may take another day or two for it to become visible, and a little longer for your artwork image to appear. So, for the first day or two, don't worry if you can't see your image, even if you have referenced it correctly in your XML file.

Creating Your iTunes XML File
This official Apple article called How to Submit a Podcast on iTunes should tell you everything that you need to know, although we personally found that making the necessary XML file was a little bit tricky, particularly the '
Some of the necessary elements and tags that you will need to add into your iTunes XML / RSS file include the following:

If you have any problems with the format of your XML file (it does need to be absolutely 100% correct to be accepted into iTunes), then try validating is here first: Alternatively, let us know the errors that you are experiencing and we will try our very best to see if we can help you sort it out.

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