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Will There Be Interviews?
Podcast girls and interviewsIf you are able to arrange relevant interviews with interesting local people, or even celebrities, then it can only be a good thing.

Entertaining interviews can help you publicise your website, so don't be afraid to email people and ask if they might be up for a quick chat. After all, they can only say no!

If you have a decent mobile phone in your pocket, then it is easy to record a few questions if you can find a quiet corner to chat, although you should be confident that your recording will be of a good quality and not muffled in any way.

Fellow Podcasters
If you are able to talk fellow podcasters into an interview, then you can tap into their popularity with a little in the way of cross publicity. This can be particularly useful if you have a shared love or interest.

Questions To Ask
Rather than interrogating your potential interviewee, note down some thoughtful questions that won't automatically result in 'yes' or 'no' answers. Practice your interviewing skills on anyone and everyone that you can, asking questions that make for good listening.

Bear in mind that an interview is not really a discussion, it is more of a conversation that you are able to facilitate, where you can extract meaningful and interesting information. Try not to bombard the interviewee with multiple questions all at once, and start things off lightly, building up to more searching in-depth questions as you go along.

Your initial set of questions should concentrate on the person who is being interviewed and their life, while the middle of the conversation should focus more on why they have chosen to be interviewed. Have they just written a new book or discovered something fascinating that they would like to share with your audience, or are they in the middle of some kind of campaign, quest or project? At the end, future plans are a good, sensible and solid way to conclude things.

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