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How Will I Record My Podcast?
How to record a podcastThe days of recording on battery-powered tape players and dictaphones are long gone, and computer technology is such that you really don't need a recording studio to make a very professional sounding podcast, just a computer and a quiet room in your house.

Experiment with different volumes and software, and if possible, wear headphones when you record, so that you can be sure there is no unwanted background noise or unforeseen problems with the microphone.

Technology Today
Many people making a podcast like to rely on laptops when making their recording, for the sole reason that they are extremely portable and easy to set up in a multitude of different locations. Of course, that age old question will raise its head again and again, should I invest in an Apple computer or a Windows PC?

At the NiliPOD, we use an Apple MacBook, which is incredibly easy to use for podcast making with GarageBand. This is most certainly just our personal choice and there are so many other possibilities. Tablet computers, such as iPads, are a popular choice for many amateur podcasters, being particularly useful if you want to record your cast when you are out and about, interviewing passersby.

Budget Recording
If money is no object, then you could hire yourself out a recording studio, or set yourself up with some professional recording equipment. However, just because you have the best equipment, it does not necessarily follow that you will make the best podcast. In fact, budget microphones and affordable computers really can make excellent podcasts that are able to compete with the very best of them.

If money really is an object, then beg and borrow your equipment from a friend, but do make sure that your actual recording is of a good enough quality that people will be able to easily listen to it without needing to strain their ears.

Will there be interviews?
Do I need a microphone?

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