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Will It Just Be Me Talking, Or Will I Be Talking With Other People?
Podcast girls talkingThis is obviously just your personal preference, but many people find it easier to talk naturally if they are just having a conversation with someone else, rather than performing a glorified monologue. We like a good chat and so it makes the recording sessions a bit of a laugh.

Ask yourself if you'll be happy sharing your show, or would you simply rather just feature special guests from time to time? If you share common interests with a good friend who is equally keen about your podcast project, and you have a genuine rapport, then your question really answers itself.

Different Voices Refresh the Audience's Mind
Keeping your podcast from being boring and dull is not always easy if you are on your own. You will need to be able to speak in a confident and entertaining way, rather than droning on with a lifeless monotone voice and tone. Your potential listeners will decide very quickly if they want to carry on listening to your show. Always remember that you want them to tune in, rather than tune out.

Practice Makes Perfect
In this day and age, when recording a podcast yourself has never been easier, it is commonsense to make a few practice recordings first. Play some of the best and worst excepts to your friends and family, and ask for a genuine critique with feedback that is designed to help you improve your techniques.

Try to imagine that you are talking to a specific person, maybe on the telephone, as that can often help your speech, tone and delivery.

Don't Be Afraid To Edit Out Your Mistakes
Obviously, the more you podcast, the better you will become. And while that really goes without saying, you will still make mistakes from time to time. If you think that you could do better, then simply record that section again and cut it out during the post editing. You certainly won't be the first to do this, nor the last.

Try not to over-rehearse, so that your podcast show remains fresh and doesn't sound too scripted, like you are just reading your words rather than talking naturally.

Do I need to prepare in advance?
Will there be interviews?

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