Top 100 YouTube Videos
23. Zoella with 60 Things In My Bedroom

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Zoella is one of our favourite YouTubers of all time. She is just so nice and down to earth, and this particular video is the oldest one on her account. Most people mistakenly think that it was actually the very first video that she uploaded to YouTube, but Zoe actually uploaded another one first that she has since hidden.

This video may not be the most exciting, but it does have a very special place in YouTube history. It shows a young Zoe Sugg (commonly known by her fans as Zoella) talking about all of the things in her bedroom.

These include an antique silver charm bracelet, a chocolate advent calendar, chewing gum, a blackberry phone, a drink, a backcombing hairbrush, a tealight, lipbalm, an umbrella, Josh's brick phone, a mirror inside a mirror, hair straighteners, a toy wombat, tomato ketchup, some Pepsi (we prefer Coca Cola ourselves), suede boots, a clothes catalogue, some cotton pads, a box of matches, keys, a Christmas card, a bottle of water, a notebook, a handbag, hairspray, slipper boots, an iPod, a frilly cushion, a paper bag, some Nurofen tablets, a floral purse, a vase of flowers, cuticle cream, a crystal necklace, a photo, a vintage beaded bag, a tube of glue, a picture of Audrey Hepburn, a hairdryer, and many, many more items. We lost count ourselves, but if Zoella says there are 60, then we believe her.

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