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4. YouTubers React to Try and Watch This Without Laughing

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This short film includes many of the most famous YouTubers in existence, who are tasked with watching funny YouTube videos without laughing. They are told to 'Try to watch this without laughing or grinning', with this video being organised and filmed by 'Fine Brothers Entertainment'.

The YouTubers shown taking part in this epic challenge are Adande Thorne (Swoozie), Brittani Louise Taylor, Felix AKA PewDiePie, Hank Green, Harley from Epic Meal Time, Jack and Finn Harries, Joe Penna, Jordan Maron (CaptainSparklez), Justine Ezarik, Shane Dawson and Timothy DeLaGhetto.

Can you watch what they are watching without laughing yourself? We can't! Even the first one (the dancing StormTrooper) makes us giggle uncontrollably, and don't get us started on the guy running into a wall.

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