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Singing with the Real Yee Dinosaur, at Lyme Regis Fossil Museum

When we recently went to Lyme Regis, we thought that it would be fun to pop into the local Fossil Museum and check it out. The shop part had lots of fossils for sale, as you might expect, but we were in for the shock of our lives when we entered the museum and started walking upstairs, into a real-life recreation of Jurassic Park, kind of. We started singing the theme tune of the movie, to help bring the old paper-machier dinosaurs to life.

When the turned the corner, we stopped in our tracks and literally gasped, because there in front of us was the actual real Yee dinosaur and his cute family. It really made our day and so of course, we had to burst into song, because Yee is one of our favourite video memes of all time - we've listed it on our Top 100 YouTube videos page. Hope you like this silly parody version.

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