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Our Yee Dinosaur Megamix Mashup with Britney Spears, One Direction and More

The Justin Bieber Yee Dinosaur video is one of our most popular on YouTube, so we thought it was about time that we did another one. This time it's a Yee mashup megamix.

We've tried to create some really classy and classic Dinosaur Yees, such as 'We Will Rock Yee' by Queen and that old favourite 'Don't You Forget About Yee' by Simple Minds. And then One Direction manage to get in on the act, along with The Police, Katie Tunstall, Robbie Williams, Abba, Dead or Alive, The Kaiser Chiefs, Outkast, Britney Spears, Sinead O'Connor, Sonny and Cher, and the fabulous Jackson Five, starring a very cute baby Michael Jackson. There's only one word that can properly describe this mashup - can you guess what it is? Three letters, beginning with 'Y'...

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