Top 100 YouTube Videos
12. Yee Dinosaur

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We have so many favourite videos on YouTube and this is certainly one that has a very special place in our hearts. But we are not on our own though, millions of viewers also seem to agree.

These animated dinosaurs include an Ankylosaurus who is named Peek and sings the 'Yee' song, together with his friend Oro, a cartoon Tyrannosaurus Rex that likes to join in. They both originate from an Italian cartoon called the 'Dinosaur Adventure' (produced by Dingo Pictures), which was very loosely based on the film 'The Land Before Time'.

The funniest thing about the Yee video are the spin-offs known as YTPs (YouTube Poops) involving these dinosaurs, which include 'Let It Go', 'Make a Man Out of You', 'I Am Your Father', 'Ghost Busters' and many, many more. We've even had a go at making our very own version, starring Justin 'Yeeber'. Have you seen it?!

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