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YouTube Video of the Week: Wintergatan - Marble Machine (Musical Instrument Using 2000 Marbles)

I have always loved the Animusic Pipe Dream marble machine song, in fact it was one of the very first YouTube videos that I ever watched, but it was of course a very clever animation and not real. Now, this amazing viral wooden musical marble machine is actually 100 percent real, being built by slightly crazy Jarvis Cocker lookalike, genius inventor Martin Molin.

He winds the handle of his creation and the 2,000 marbles begin to bounce around, landing on the keys of a xylophone and the strings of a bass guitar, while a drum machine also appears to be connected to the crazy contraption as well. And then as the catchy song really starts to get going, levers are pulled up and down in a frenzy, and the speed of the music is carefully controlled and monitored by the musician man himself.

Beautifully filmed and edited, this instantly popular YouTube video has got itself some absolutely hilarious comments. Some of my favourites include:

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