Top 100 YouTube Videos
71. Will it Blend, With an iPhone 6 Plus

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The popular 'Will It Blend?' YouTube videos by Blendtec are just brilliant and so funny. They show an extremely powerful kitchen blender with a slightly mad scientist (Tom Dickson), who wants to prove how they will pretty much manage to blend up anything that you put into them. And what better way to test them out on camera than by blending up very expensive, state-of-the-art mobile phones!

That's right, Blendtec purchases a brand new iPhone 6 Plus, together with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and then pop them into their uber blender, but which one will be completely destroyed first and turn into 'phablet smoke'?! There are lots and lots of these crazy mad blending videos to watch on this YouTube channel, with others featuring a can of Coca Cola being blended, as well as with a Jar Jar Binks mask, some Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton stuff, a coconut, magnets, a football and even an Apple Watch - what a waste!

We particularly like the one where Tom has a contest between an Elsa figurine (from Frozen) and a Minecraft toy, while Shia Labeouf even joins in on one of these films, shouting out his famous line 'Just Do It!'

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