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YouTube Video of the Week: 3D Where's Waldo - 360 Degrees

This is just such a clever video and it really does take the whole Where's Waldo game to a new level, as it is a 3D video, a bit like a QTVR photo, but one that is moving. Basically, you can use your mouse to move the angle of the video and scroll the screen around 360 degrees as you search for Waldo / Wally amongst actual moving people at a seaside.

As the film progresses, you will find different scenes, ranging from a shopping street to a pier theme park attraction and a sandy beach. Be warned though, because as well as Waldo / Wally, there is another impostor running around the video. The impostor is wearing a similar red and white striped top, but no glasses and a different hat. He is obviously there to confuse and bemuse.

Of note, the 360 degree scrolling element of this trending YouTube video may not work on some older browsers, on phones, tablets and computers, so bear that in mind.

Here's the 'How we made it link' in case you are interested:
How We Made The 3D Where's Waldo / Wally.

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