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Where Are We? Can You Find Us?!

Where's Wally game with Nia and LivEveryone loves playing the game 'Where's Wally' don't they? We certainly do. (By the way, if you're American, we know that it's Where's Waldo!) So, we thought we'd have a go at creating our very own version, but can you guess what we decided to call it? Yes, that's right, welcome to the new world of 'Where's Nia and Liv'.

During the week, we obviously work very hard at school, studying, doing exams and stuff like that. But at the weekends, we get up to all kinds of mischief and adventures, so see if you can find us on the pictures below, because we seem to keep losing each other - usually when one of us wanders off to buy some ice cream or a nice bag of chips. Take a look at the pictures below and see if you can find the cartoon versions of us.

Visiting London Zoo - Where's Nia and Liv?

We recently enjoyed a day out in London and popped along to London Zoo, but Nia wandered off looking for the lions and Liv wanted to see the penguins, so we got lost. Can you help us find each other?
Where's Wally game in London Zoo

A Day Out at the Houses of Parliament - Where's Nia and Liv?

After visiting London Zoo, we managed to get a tour of the Houses of Parliament, but once again we somehow got separated when we were creeping around behind the noisy politicians. Can you help us find each other?
Where's Wally game in the Houses of Parliament

Looking at the Paintings in the Art Gallery - Where's Nia and Liv?

We were feeling a bit cultured and so we spent an afternoon admiring the paintings at the Tate Modern, but Nia needed the toilet and Liv wanted a hot dog, so we lost each other, yet again. Can you help us find each other?
Where's Wally art gallery picture

Lost in the Crowds on the Beach - Where's Nia and Liv?

In the summer, we enjoyed a day out at Bournemouth, but the beach was so crowded that when Liv went off to get us some Mr. Whippy '99' ice creams, she couldn't find Nia on her way back, and so she had to eat the ice creams herself before they melted. Can you help us find each other?
Where's Wally game on the beach

Another beach cartoon picture

Doctor Who and the Cybermen - Where's Nia and Liv?

When we visited the Doctor Who exhibition at Cardiff, we accidentally stumbled into the Cyberman making factory and lost each other. It was very scary, because we were almost assimilated into these evil robots. Can you help us find each other?
Where's Doctor Who game with cybermen

Eating Out in New Orleans - Where's Nia and Liv?

Whenever we go to New Orleans, Nia always wants to go on the paddle boats down the Mississippi River, but Liv likes to eat a bowl of clam chowder or gumbo in the French Quarter, so we often get lost. Can you help us find each other?
Where's Wally in America

Shopping at the Antiques Market - Where's Nia and Liv?

The Antiques Roadshow came to town recently, but it was so busy with old ladies and their china teapots. There was so much to see that we inevitably managed to lose each other, as we seem to keep doing. Can you help us find each other?
Cartoon market Where's Waldo

Chasing the Deer with Fenton the Dog in Richmond Park, London - Where's Nia and Liv?

When Fenton the dog ran after the deer in Richmond Park, we chased after him, but he was too fast for us. Can you help us find each other?
Where's Fenton game, in Richmond Park

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