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We like to PhotoShop images of us for the custom title screens of our YouTube videos, so that they all form a 'family' theme and look a bit nicer, because the choices that YouTube offers at the uploading stage are often not really suitable or appropriate.

The fonts that we use for these title images are Charlemagne Std (Nia and Liv), Bubble Letters (white letters), Bob's Burgers (coloured title letters) and Fontdinerdotcom (NiliPod at the top right). We try to make these images as funny and silly as possible, to try and encourage people to watch our videos and hopefully subscribe to the channel.

We film our Nia vs Liv challenge each week as part of the podcast and any thing else fun that we get up to, like challenges and dares, pranks, other games, singing and 'karaoke' or sorts, and all kinds of different reviews.

Click on the images below to watch the actual YouTube video. Happy watching.

Playing the Dan and Phil game on the podcast

Playing challenges and dares, including chubby bunny

Watching the gross Downton Abbey ulcer scene

Eating raw white onions on YouTube

Eating raw red onions on YouTube

Playing the elastic bands on the head game for the podcast

Playing the feeling game for the podcast - the FeelyPod

Singing Do You Want to Build a Snowman from Frozen, with Anna and Elsa

Setting up the singing Frozen doormat - Let It Go

Playing the funny things children say game for the podcast

Scary model Halloween village video

Playing the Harry Potter game for the podcast

Playing the Hunger Games game for the podcast

Ice skating on an outdoor ice skating rink at a local Christmas garden centre

Meeting cardboard cutout Zoella in a WHSmith book shop

Playing the No Teeth game for the podcast

Playing the Pie Face game for the podcast

Another Pie Face game image, with lots of custard pie action

Pranking Liv with a scary video

Playing the YouTuber game for the podcast

Anorther YouTuber game title image, with Dan and Phil, Zoella and more

Playing the Star Wars game for the podcast

Website trailer for the NiliPOD YouTube channel

Singing our original Snowball Song

Tasting and reviewing lots of mince pies

Making Christmas hot chocolates with marshmallow snowmen

Shopping at the Christmas garden centre

Christmas shoppers with a model singing reindeer

Making a model Christmas village

Dancing with the singing Christmas tree and reindeer

Looking at professional model Christmas villages

Singing I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

Another image of us singing I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

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