NiliPod - Nia vs Liv Games (31 October 2015)

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Feeling Things in the Dark Game

Feeling things in the dark gameSo, just to say that we don't know anything about this part. And don't forget, it is being filmed for our YouTube channel, so if you want to see what is actually going on, then look out for our video later.

Here are our instructions. They've just been handed to us in our bedroom studio.

Right then, here goes... With your previous Nia vs Liv games, you've tested your brain power and your super quick reactions, and this week it is more of sensory experience, designed to test your powers of touch.

In a moment you will see the Halloween NiliPOD Feely-POD. It has five separate compartments with five separate holes in the front, where you put your hand through to see if you can feel what is inside.

As this is the SpookTacular Special, inside are some really disgusting things, designed to make you gross out. However, there is nothing inside that will hurt you or bite you (probably not anyway) and so try not to freak out when you feel them, as if you jump about, the bedroom studio will probably fall apart.

Freaking Out with the FeelyPOD Challenge YouTube Video

FeelyPOD Rules

OK. Here are the rules:

You have 2 1/2 minutes to complete this Nia vs Liv challenge. Once you have put your hand inside the compartment, don't take it out until you guess what is inside.

Keep your hands in the holes for at least ten seconds, and be gentle when you feel inside. If you can't feel anything, try the corners, as whatever is inside might hide in the corners. Some items will be loose, others will be in containers.

You must describe what you are feeling for your podcast listeners, and then make a final guess. You cannot change your mind after your final guess.

Once you have guessed, you must remove the item to show the camera, pulling it through the hole (or if there are multiple items, just one or two of them, or maybe a handful). Place it on the lid, against the appropriate number. If it is too big, you can lift up the lid at the end of the game to take it out.

And it says here: 'You have been provided with a cloth that has been soaked in disinfectant, so that you can wipe your hands after some of the holes. You will need it.'

Finally, you will each be given an envelope containing a list of what the other player will be feeling, so that you can say if they get it right or wrong, for scoring purposes. Open this just before the other player begins their game (not before) and keep this hidden at all times. No cheating please.

And we have a timer. Liv, you can toss the double-headed coin and call it to see who feels first in the Freaky Feely POD Experience.


Ready then?



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