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Funny Christmas 'No Teeth' Game

Photo of girls with toy teeth from joke shopWell, this week is our seventh Nia vs Liv, and we are currently THREE ALL. So the producers have decided, in their wisdom, that it should be the best out of seven challenges to win the first round.

And to make it even more interesting and even more competitive, Santa has left us a present for the winner, which we can open now.


So, just to say that we don't know anything about what is coming next.

Here are our instructions. They've just been handed to us.

No Teeth Game YouTube Video

Whoever wins this game, will win the round and the present - the Dan and Phil Advent Calendar with chocolates inside. No pressure then. These advent calendars sold out within a matter of hours, so we're not quite sure how we even managed to get one. They are like hot cakes at the moment.

This week it is a festive Nia vs Liv. You will be playing the 'No Teeth No Gums Game', where you have to speak by covering up your teeth and gums with your lips. Have a practice now. Say 'Nia vs Liv'.

For this game, you have to take it in turns to say something related to Christmas, but don't forget, the first person to show their teeth or hesitate for more than ten seconds will be out. And don't say the same thing twice.

Let's get ready then....

...Of course we're not that mean to only get one calendar. There is another advent calendar waiting for the loser downstairs. We know that you are Dan and Phil crazy!

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