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Celebrity Rhyming Game

This week, we thought we'd have another go at the celebrity rhyming game (Obama Llama), while it is still fresh in your minds and you know what to do.

Let's have a quick recap for our podcast listeners and YouTube viewers. We basically get a cryptic clue that we have to try and make sense of, and the answer must rhyme.

For example, if it was 007 falls into the garden water feature...
That would be:

James Bond falls into a pond (obviously!)

So, let's toss the double-headed coin to see who goes first.

To be honest Liv, I think I've spent it by mistake, as a normal 10p coin, and it cost a fiver as well. That'll confuse someone!

Oh dear Nia, well you go first this week then, because I went first last time.

I've got the timer, and it is two minutes this time. And it says that we can ask for clues if we get stuck now, although this will obviously eat into our time. We can also pass if we need to. Here's the questions then.

Right then, get the timer ready. Go...

Playing the Celebrity Rhyme Time Game

Chris Stark's Radio 1 DJ friend is taking tablets
Scott Mills is taking pills
[Clue: He was the crab in Strictly Come Dancing]

Uptown Funk singer likes driving these vehicles
Bruno Mars likes driving cars
[Clue: His surname sounds like a popular chocolate bar that we often give away in the podcast 'Choccie Competition']

The annoying floppy eared Star Wars character really smells
Jar Jar Binks really stinks
[Clue: He's a Gungan military officer who says things like 'stink-a-whiff]

Marcus Butler's ex-girlfriend has got bad wind and does a really smelly one of these
Niomi Smart does a smelly fart
[Clue: She's just split up from Marcus and is a famous YouTuber as well]

X-Factor judge, the Fernandez-Versini one, falls into one of these when she's walking along the pavement
Cheryl Cole falls in a hole
[Clue: It is her old name, she's just announced that she's getting divorced from Jean-Bernard]

Katniss Everdeen's boyfriend, something 'Mellark', is dishonest when he does his exams. He is a...
Peeta is a cheater
[Clue: This is not Gale Hawthorn, it is J-Law's other love interest, the one at the end of Hunger Games MockingJay Part 2 who keeps saying 'Real or no real']

Paul Hollywood's old lady bake-off granny friend is eating this red fruit
Mary Berry is eating a cherry (or berry, or strawberry, etc.)
[Clue: She's Paul's joint presenter on the Great British Bake-Off]

Joe Sugg's mate goes for a paddle in the water at the beach
Caspar Lee is paddling in the sea
[Clue: He's a funny South African YouTuber who likes to prank Joe all the time]

Monica Geller actor from friends is putting on a pair of these, on her feet
Courteney Cox is putting on socks
[Clue: Jennifer Aniston's housemate, who married and divorced David Arquette]

Girl band singer Victoria Beckham has got knits
Posh Spice has got head lice
[Clue: It is her nickname from when she was in the girl power band, and what is another name for knits?]

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills' side-kick friend is afraid of switching the light off
Chris Stark is afraid of the dark
[Clue: He's best known for his famous YouTube interview with Mila Kunis]

Murs 'Heart Skips a Beat' singer puts up one of these because it is raining
Olly puts up a brolly
[Clue: He's Caroline Flack's Cockney co-presenter on the X-Factor]

The two comedian female presenters from Bake Off are sharing a toilet
Mel and Sue are sharing a loo
[Clue: Their surnames are Giedroyc and Perkins]

Rapper husband of Kim Kardashian has a hairy one of these
Kanye West has a hairy chest
[Clue: He's a famous singer and rapper, and he needs to wax this hairy part of him, above his tummy]

Popular girl band with Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade are using these to eat their Chinese takeaway with
Little Mix are using chopsticks
[Clue: They were the female group on the X Factor a few years back, a bit like a female version of One Direction. What they are eating with are often made of bamboo]

Famous YouTuber Felix Arvid joins James Bond to become one of these
PewDiePie becomes a spy
[Clue: He's the world's biggest YouTuber and his full name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg]

Mary Berry's bake-off buddy is watching Indian musicals
Paul Hollywood is watching Bollywood
[Clue: He's a hunky silver-haired baker]

Caspar Lee's roommate gives his famous YouTuber sister a great big cuddle
Joe Sugg gives Zoella a hug
[Clue: He used to be a roof thatcher apprentice]

Sensible One Direction singer is getting wet because he doesn't have an umbrella
Liam Payne is in the rain
[Clue: Not Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson or Zane Malik, and water is falling from the sky]

This couple of celebrity jungle Geordie TV presenters are going on a nice long hike
Ant and Dec are going on a trek
[Clue: They present Britain's Got Talent and I'm a Celebrity]

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