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Celebrity Rhyming Game

This week it's the celebrity rhyming game. It is simple, you just take it in turns to try and guess the celebrity rhyming phrases, with a cryptic clue.

You will each have nine of these clues to read out, and the guesser will have just 90 seconds to try and guess as many as they can. You can pass if you need to. And be warned, some of them do involve toilet humour.

Here's an example. Try and guess this easy celebrity rhyme:
US President is stroking an alpaca-like animal
Barack Obama is stroking a llama

Here goes...

Playing the Celebrity Rhyming Game

Joe Sugg jumps out at mate Oliver and really scares him
Oli White gets a fright

Tall comedienne who is 'such fun' has flatulence
Miranda Hart has a fart

Zoe Sugg uses this so she doesn't get wet in the rain
Zoella uses an umbrella

Dan's mate is feeling poorly
Amazing Phil is feeling ill

Prince William's brother wants a wife
Prince Harry wants to marry

American Presidential candidate with floppy hair goes to the toilet
Donald Trump takes a dump

Cartoon cat and mouse catch a passenger boat
Tom and Jerry catch a ferry

Time traveller Peter Capaldi sitting on the toilet
Dr Who sitting on the loo

Short star of Mission Impossible is drinking alcohol
Tom Cruise is drinking booze

Zoella's brother walks her dog Nala
Joe Sugg walking the pug

ThatcherJoe's mate needs the toilet
Caspar Lee needs a pee (or wee wee)

Long-haired One Direction singer has a medical problem with his bottom
Harry Styles has piles

Zoella's sparkly friend goes on a social media website to send a tweet
Louise 'Sprinkle of Glitter' goes on Twitter

Hogwart's headmaster doesn't have any money
Dumbledore is poor

J-Law's character in the Hunger Games likes to smooch. Mwah!
Katniss likes to kiss

Hit Me Baby One More Time singer has been drinking pints
Britney Spears drinking beers

MCR lead singer is doing this in a church
Gerard Way is having a pray

Fallout Boy bass player sleeping in this on a campsite
Pete Wentz sleeping in a tent

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