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Trying American Candy and Choclolate

I have wanted to do this video with a friend for ages and ages, and so when India and I went shopping the other day, we managed to find a sweet shop that sold a whole load of American candy and chocolate. We had the best time ever stuffing our faces with all of these lovely candy treats, and towards the end it is quite clear that we are gradually going a bit hyper, what with the sugar rush and excitement. This was particularly apparent shortly after India started drinking a glass of cherry Kool Aid!

Some of the American candy sweets that we bought and tasted were a Tootsie Roll, M&Ms (birthday cake flavour), a Twinkie, Mike and Ike, a peanut flavoured Butterfinger bar, Hershey's Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Swedish Fish, Nerds and Milk Duds, not to mention the amazing chocolate brownie drops that looked a bit like rabbit droppings. They tasted so nice though.

Let me know what your favourite candy is, whether you're British, American or from another part of this enormous planet of ours. I'm hoping to do a 'Trying Japanese Candy' video soon, so look out for that.

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