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29. How to Trick People into Thinking That You Are Good Looking

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In this incredibly popular YouTube tutorial, Jenna Marbles (Jenna N. Mourey) talks you through the process of how to make yourself appear better looking. Her tips include bleaching your hair, using fake tan, wearing contact lenses instead of glasses, and sorting your teeth out with a retainer brace.

Next, Jenna suggests taking a shower so that you smell nice and fresh, and then doing your eye make-up so that you look like someone else and completely unnatural.

She recommends drawing on some cartoon eyebrows, using brightly coloured lipstick, not behaving in a stupid way when you are out and about, and getting yourself a suitable job. 'And remember, there's no cure for being ugly, but you can make yourself into a human optical illusion. So there you have it...' Jenna Marbles finishes off by saying that if you are an ugly man, try to find a girl that thinks you are funny.

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