Top 100 YouTube Videos
63. Tony Hawk Rides a Real Hoverboard (Hendo Hover)

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Often nicknamed as 'The Birdman', Tony Hawk is the most famous skateboarder in the history of skateboarding, and these days he is also a pretty successful actor as well.

Published on YouTube in 2014, this YouTube video shows Tony Hawk trying out a real 'Hendo' hoverboard with former editor of Big Brother Magazine - Dave Carnie. The board itself is hovering just above the ground. Tony is shown sliding up and down a skateboarding ramp with the board, but although this is a viral video and quite interesting, he's not actually very good. It is his first time though.

This is not to be confused with Tony Hawk's very successful and believable prank video, which also gained millions of views, where he pranks the world into believing that hoverboards like those from the Back to the Future movies are now real. Its believability factor is helped by the fact that 'Doc Brown' (played by Christopher Lloyd) appears in the film, complete with his time-travelling DeLorean car. We've also included that 'Belief' video on this page, for your added amusement.

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