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54. Tom Fletcher - My Wedding Speech

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McFly are one of our favourite bands and Nia has seen them live in concert, singing all of their greatest hits. We even carried on being fans when they joined with Busted to become McBusted, although we do prefer them on their own.

Tom Fletcher, the joint lead singer with Danny Jones, starts off his wedding speech video by saying that he absolutely hates public speaking, mainly because he doesn't have any idea how to write a good speech, but he does know how to write a good song. Cue the music - it's a mixture of Obviously, Star Girl, Sorry's Not Good Enough, Room on the Third Floor, The Heart Never Lies and It's All About You. Tom begins to sing a whole new set of lyrics, admitting that he is perhaps cheating his way out of reading a wedding speech. He begins...

Recently I've been
Having a wedding
I've married this girl
Who's out of this world
Believe me

We are so grateful
To so many people
But we're saying thank you
To only a few
I'm sorry

So if I don't thank you
It means I probably just forgot you...

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