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YouTube Video of the Week: 7 Things Most People Get Wrong

Trending on YouTube almost instantly and uploaded on the popular Good Mythical Morning channel, this video shows friends Rhett and Link chatting on their daily online morning talk show. They talk about all of the things that people get wrong in their every day lives, and they call this the 'Mandela Effect'.

Some of these common misconceptions are simply the result of remembering things wrong, including Darth Vader's famous 'Luke, I Am Your Father' quote. For example, does Curious George have a tail? And what does the evil queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs really say when she looks into the mirror on the wall? I bet you get this quote wrong, because I certainly did! When is Thanksgiving in the USA, and what colour is chartreuse?

These guys are very entertaining and clearly enjoy chatting in front of the camera on their much-watched YouTube show, especially when they spin their Wheel of Mythically to do a stupid challenge.

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