Top 100 YouTube Videos
47. Taylor Swift and Greg James Singing 'Blank Space'

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Greg James is one of our favourite DJs on Radio 1. He does so many funny and silly videos on YouTube, some of which have gone viral, and this is certainly one of his most popular so far, by a long way. It is a bit like the carpool ones that James Corden does, and this one features the very appealing Taylor Swift, who comes across as being just lovely in 'real life'.

Greg had very little time to learn the lyrics of Blank Space, because this song hadn't yet been released and it was all very secretive. Many people watching the video are quite alarmed at how much Greg takes his hand off the steering wheel. He doesn't really seem to be paying much attention to where he is actually driving at all!

However, we can reveal that the car was actually being towed on a low trailer, so it looks like he is really driving, when actually he is doing nothing at all, other than being silly with Swifty. This is all revealed in the 'making of' video' (also shown above), and much more besides.

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