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45. The Table Cloth Magic Trick (With Falling Bookcase)

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Danish children Michel and Sven start off their video with an innocent description of what they are about to do, pull off the tablecloth while leaving the contents of the table (cups, saucers and jugs) still standing in place and quite unbroken.

All goes well when they whip off the tablecloth and everything remains intact. But hang on a minute, things don't quite go to plan when the youngest child knocks into the wooden bookcase. This tall piece of furniture starts to fall over and then crashes down on both the boy and the table.

When this was uploaded to YouTube in 2011, the millions of people that started watching it when it went viral were unsure whether or not it was real. Well, we can reveal that this is actually a very cleverly done, elaborate prank, although it does look really very convincing. Thank goodness that nobody was hurt in the filming of this video.

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