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77. Susan Boyle's Audition on Britain's Got Talent - Dreamed a Dream

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One of the most famous people to ever emerge from Simon Cowell's global superstar bag is without question the rather delightful and slightly eccentric Susan Boyle. When she first appeared on Britain's Got Talent (BGT) Series 3, she blew everyone away when she opened her mouth and sang 'I Dreamed a Dream' from the West End / Broadway musical, Les Miserables.

The judges were very quick to write off 47-year-old Susan Boyle (or SuBo as the press like to call her), especially when she compared herself to Elaine Paige. Amanda Holden got the shock of her life and Piers Morgan beamed from ear to ear, clapping his hands in amazement. Maybe don't be quite so quick to judge people next time Amanda.

It is true to say that this audition changed the life of Susan Boyle, virtually overnight. She has since performed all around the world in front of royalty and sell-out crowds, making herself millions and gaining herself an army of loyal SuBo fans. And yet, with all her wealth, it is lovely that she still chooses to live in her ex-council house where she grew up, although she did buy the house next-door, and a larger one down the road, which she uses for special occasions and family gatherings needing more space. We should all be inspired by this wonderful lady and take the time to 'Dream a Dream' ourselves.

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