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YouTube Video of the Week: The Substitute Teacher Experiment

This is a very clever video, since it subtly highlights how children really want to learn and engage in school classrooms, but the job of a teacher is made all the more hard when there is a lack of teaching equipment. This viral video starts by explaining that almost 60 million primary school children are being denied an education, and many of these children are living in countries that are currently being affected by emergencies.

Worn-out old textbooks are often being shared by groups of children in schools all around the world, and the video illustrates these problems and more, including a lack of adequate seating. An enthusiastic teacher tries to play soccer with a deflated football, and then the class tries some colouring in, but there is only one piece of paper and two pens.

This is a point well made on the Fousey Tube YouTube channel! And good luck with your #UpgradeYourWorld campaign.

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