Top 100 YouTube Videos
85. Substitute Teacher - Key and Peele

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This funny video was uploaded by Comedy Central in October 2012 and it certainly made us laugh. It revolves around a substitute teacher who has difficulty in pronouncing the names of his students, and when they correct him, he gets rather cross.

The teacher starts off by calling the register, with names like 'Jay-qualin' (Jacqueline), 'Balakay' (Blake), Dee-Nice (Denice) and A Aron (Aaron), leading towards a good punchline at the end of the sketch. People seem to have enjoyed watching this short film, because it now boasts more than half a million thumbs up and some 30,000 comments, some of which we have enjoyed reading.

Of note, Key and Peele are Comedy Central's creators, with their full names being Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

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