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Star Wars or Star Warsn't Game, True or False - Nia vs Liv

For this podcast challenge we play a game where we have to guess if some Star Wars characters are real or made up. Play along at home and see if you are able to beat our scores yourself.

But rather than calling it True or False, Yes or No, Right or Wrong, our producer had the brainwave to name this game 'Star Wars or Star Warsn't.' We thought that was a genius idea, and the game itself was pretty good as well. Some of the facts were so funny and others were quite difficult and involved a little bit of guesswork, like the one about Jar Jar Binks' mum. Was she really called Mar Mar Binks?! Watch this video to test your Star Wars facts - do you know your Solos from your Skywalkers, your Kylo Rens from your Darth Vaders, and your R2D2s from your C3POs?

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