Top 100 YouTube Videos
55. Star Wars Kid

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Say the three words 'Star Wars Kid' and literally millions of people around the planet will think of this fabulous YouTube video, starring a slightly overweight teenage boy called Jim Love.

Clearly a fan of all things George Lucas, Jim runs around pretending to fight with his metal pole, which presumably he thinks is some kind of double-ended lightsaber, as he does make a lightsaber noise every now and again.

He gets quite carried away with his pretend fight scene and nearly falls over on a number of occasions, hitting the walls with his pole and basically just enjoying himself in the video. This is by far the most popular of all the videos on his YouTube channel, while he also has another account called 'JTLoveMusic' where he performs hip-hop music, apparently. Good luck with that Jimmy, but perhaps stick to the Star Wars fighting stuff instead.

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