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Our Interview with Cartoon Han Solo in the Supermarket - Star Wars Animation

When we saw Han Solo in the supermarket, we managed to grab a few words, but he didn't seem very impressed when Liv said that she'd never even heard of the Millennium Falcon. Sorry about that Han Solo.

To be absolutely honest and frank, we were more excited that we'd spotted Chewbacca and R2D2 in the car park. They turned out to be much more approachable and friendly, although we couldn't really understand what they were saying - we didn't have a clue! It was all grunts and beeps, but we didn't mind at all, especially when they bought us both a Mars bar. We felt really bad though because R2D2 looked so hungry, but he couldn't eat it, because he's a robot droid thing after all, and he's not real anyway. Tough love R2!

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