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83. Stalking Cat

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Cats can make really lovely affectionate pets, enjoying a cuddle on your lap and following you around the house for company. However, it is easy to forget that these are domesticated creatures with natural wild instincts that crop up from time to time. This funny cat clearly illustrates this as it enjoys stalking its owner round the house, with some seriously stealthy moves.

Although the video is only a minute or so long, it is really worth watching - join the club, nearly 50 million people have watched it so far since it was uploaded in 2008.

This viral cat is a little bit like one of those Weeping Angels off of Dr. Who (Nia is petrified of those), where if you blink, it moves closer without you actually seeing it move at all. And then when you open your eyes again, it freezes, completely motionless, like a furry statue. Still, at least it runs away at the end before the video becomes disturbing!

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