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My Spring Morning Routine Video

I love watching people's morning routines on YouTube and have been planning a spring video of my routine for ages, and then spring finally came along! So, with the help of my trusted tripod and Canon 70D camera, I tried to recreate what I do in the mornings as best as I possibly could.

Basically, my alarm goes off and I spend ages and ages in bed, trying my best to wake up and get up. I usually check my iPhone before I get up (yes I know, such a bad habit!), and then I wonder downstairs to get some breakfast. After that I put on some make-up, clean my teeth, get dressed and sort my hair out, and basically get ready to go outside.

Just in case you are interested, my stripy and spotted pyjamas were purchased from Debenhams, and the background music is: MTNS - Lost Track Of Time (the M-Phazes Remix).

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