Top 100 YouTube Videos
7. Mutant Giant Spider Dog

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Uploaded in September 2014, just in time for Halloween, the Mutant Giant Spider Dog shot to fame when it was picked up by the news and newspapers. Basically, Polish prankster Sylwester Wardega (YouTube channel: SA Wardega) made his little dog Chica a creepy outfit to make him look like an enormous tarantula spider, and then let him loose after dark in public places, such as parks, underground subways and car parks.

The result was lots of screaming people running away from something that looked genuinely terrifying, especially when it appeared to be mauling a body in an elevator. Some of the scary filming also involved giant spider's webs, which made the dog look all the more real and scary.

If we saw Chica running towards us at night in his costume, we would certainly find it very, very frightening, and then very, very funny. The music and sound effects make this video especially atmospheric, and at the end, you get to see just how cute this dog really is, when he is licking his owner in the daylight.

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