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YouTube Video of the Week: Ryan Reynolds - I Crashed the Eddie the Eagle Junket

Ryan Reynolds has become known as a bit of a Hollywood joker, and so has Hugh Jackman, and so when Ryan turns up rather unexpectedly at a press junket for Hugh's new film 'Eddie the Eagle' and starts to interview him, it can only be gold. Initially rather surprised and giggling like a little girl, Hugh is clearly tickled by Ryan's appearance and attempts at asking him questions. However, since this video has gone viral so quickly on YouTube, it is clearly now being used to promote Reynolds' new kick-ass Marvel Comics' film Deadpool.

The interview starts off with Ryan saying that he's never done anything like this before and how strange it is to be asking the questions, rather than answering them. Some of his funniest questions include:

And then Ryan began asking questions from some of his fans, including 'Brian Bleynolds'. But the best bit was where he subtly encourages Hugh Jackman to do his truly awesome impression of Crocodile Dundee when he says 'That's not a knife, now THAT'S a knife!' Ryan Reynolds finishes up by thanking Hugh and saying that this is his favourite interview that he's ever given, although it is the only interview that he's ever given, and probably ever will be.

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