Top 100 YouTube Videos
52. Rube Goldberg Machine - This Too Shall Pass

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This has been a hugely popular video on YouTube since its upload in 2010, with more than 50 million views to its name. The film is like a giant obstacle course for marbles, starting off with some dominoes and then moving on to a series of slightly crazy and whacky machines that wouldn't look out of place in the science lab of Caractacus Pott (off of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).

The video is set to music by the band themselves, who go by the name OK Go. This particular track is called 'This Too Shall Pass', being off their album entitled 'Of the Blue Colour of the Sky'. From time to time, the inventors of the Rude Goldberg machine can be seen singing their song in the background of their unique music video. It certainly helped them to gain some notoriety and incredibly it does all seem to be filmed in just one continuous shot.

It ends up with bowling balls, TV smashing, sledge hammers, rolling barrels and lots of balloons, with the words 'This Too Shall Pass' appearing before the band are splatted with paintball guns. As the camera pans up, it shows that a cheering crowd have been watching their antics from the safety of a balcony high above.

Of note, a 'Rude Goldberg' machine is simply a contraption or device that is completely over-engineered and usually includes some kind of chain reaction, such as those that often appear in the Wallace and Gromit animations.

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