Top 100 YouTube Videos
28. Rollerskating Babies

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There are many wonderful viral adverts that have graced our TV screens in recent years, but the problem is that they are often nothing to do with what they are actually advertising. Therefore, you tend to remember the advert, but not the product that they were trying to sell you in the first place.

The same can probably be said for this fantastic creation, where toddlers and babies are rollerskating in the park and playground, thanks to the world of CGI special effects. They can be seen breakdancing, jumping, doing backflips, doing handstands and lots of other stunts, all because they have been drinking Evian water, apparently.

It is all very clever and really well done, because it does look quite realistic. We've also included a video showing how this extremely popular commercial was filmed and edited, although it is in French at the beginning, so hope that your language skills are good!

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