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73. Hockey Game with Raining Teddy Bears

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This is a very strange tradition that has become extremely popular in Calgary and a huge annual event fo the city at Christmas time. In this video, fans were encouraged to bring teddy bears with them to the annual ice hockey championship game, featuring the famous Calgary Hitmen team and their rivals, the Medicine Hat Tigers.

At these ice hockey events, when the first goal is scored, the teddy bears are thrown onto the ice rink in their thousands, before being collected up and donated to various different charities, including local hospitals. In this particular record-breaking video, more than 26,00 teddy bears rained down onto the ice, so it was a mammoth haul.

This rather special tradition began way back in 1994, when it was started by the Portland Winter Hawks, but it has since become most popular during the Western Hockey League, which involves the three cities of Alberta, Calgary and Portland.

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