Top 100 YouTube Videos
3. PSY - Gangnam Style Video

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Released in 2012 and now boasting over 2.5 billion views, this is one of the most viewed YouTube videos ever, and perhaps one of the most overrated. Everyone seems to know the crazy horsey Gangnam Style dance moves, though, and this video brought Psy (full name 'Park Jae-sang') and his country of South Korea ad endless amount of Internet fame.

The music video of Gangnam Style immediately went viral and the song itself became an instant success, being number one in pop charts all over the world.

Of interest, this was actually the very first video on YouTube to reach one billion views and it continues to climb even now. His follow-up single called 'Gentleman' was also a big success, although it didn't do anywhere near as well in comparison. Of interest, the title to this song simply refers to the lifestyle of those who live within the Gangnam District in the capital city of Seoul, a metropolis within South Korea.

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